Dr. Verna Hunt, BSc DC ND

Verna is a naturopathic doctor, chiropractor and kinesiologist in clinical practice for over 35 years. Her education includes: 1973 Honours Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo in Kinesiology; 1979 Doctor of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College; 1982 Naturopathic Doctor the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine; plus many continuing education courses.

Her clients encompass all ages and stages of the health and life cycle. In each case she assesses the underlying causes of the individual’s lack of wellness and tailors care to their particular situation while teaching them how to care for themselves over a lifetime. For more details of The Health & Well Being Partnership™ please visit the Client Process page of this website. Verna also writes and lectures on many topics.

Read more here (PDF) about Verna in an engaging interview with the OAND to learn more about her views on naturopathic medicine (ND Profile, Summer 2011, The Pulse).



Barbara Cowdy, Office Manager

Barbara brings years of organizational and management experience to her work of making sure that the Centre runs smoothly, and is the main front desk person. She also has a keen interest in the well being of our clients and their pets through natural methods.


Our Story (The Centre for Health & Well Being)

In 2005 Dr. Verna Hunt wanted to create a healing environment where people would receive individualized care to promote their health and wellbeing. Having the experience of over 3 decades in practice she knew that each person needed care that addressed their unique life circumstances and genetic tendencies. Many wanted to feel better and live more productive and fulfilling lives but often they did not know where to begin. Dr. Hunt developed ‘The Health & Well Being Partnership’ program so that people clearly understood what was happening with their health and what their symptoms meant in terms of long range consequences and what they could do to regain and maintain their health step by step.

People often ask what we specialize in. Well we specialize in human beings. In other words we can help in most situations from fertility and birthing, through healthy child programs, optimal learning, tormenting teen years, energy and stress overload, hormonal issues, healthy aging, optimal wellness through to the golden years. In fact our clients range in age from 1 day to 100+ years.

We listen to your needs carefully, investigate through examination and testing, identify the underlying cause(s), recommend appropriate therapies and lifestyle choices and teach you methods of self-care and how to navigate the information given to you by various health care providers so that you can advocate for yourself and loved ones.


Your Story (Patients, clients, who come to this office.)

People who come to The Centre for Health & Well Being are seeking understandable information about what is happening to them and what would help restore their health. We deliver that. We are all about explaining what is happening to you in plain English in a way that you understand. Whether you are 3 years old or 93 years old, have some or no knowledge of human anatomy, like eating vegetables or not we can always find a way to work with your set of circumstances.

Our clientele comes from our neighbourhood and also from the region, the province, the country and the continent. We also have clients who live in other areas of the world and visit us when they are in Toronto. Generally we see more women than men, although that is changing as men realize the benefit of investing time and money in their health. We see lots of children and really enjoy their visits. We have folks who come for wellness promotion but also people with urgent and chronic problems and of varying degrees of seriousness.

We are very interested in helping people live their lives in a real and authentic way. Stress and challenges occur in everyone’s life and we are not attempting to make anyone ‘perfect’. We do real not perfect. Our care, the services and recommendations we provide are practical and achievable, going at the rate you can handle.