The Health & Well Being Partnership





Initial Consultation

This initial consultation and examination focuses on your immediate health concerns, and when applicable any long term issues, and gathering information about your health history. If the initial visit is a consultation for an urgent problem those needs will begin to be addressed that day. If it is a new patient visit for overall health care a complete examination and necessary laboratory tests will be done and then a future appointment will be booked to give you an individualized health care plan.

Relief Care

The treatment appointments for urgent care dealing with symptomatic relief of urgent problems, i.e. severe seasonal allergies, a sprained ankle or insomnia, will continue until the symptoms subside. The next step will be to improve your health status through corrective care. A complete examination and laboratory testing will be booked to assess your health status.

Corrective Care

After the new patient initial appointment Dr. Hunt analyzes all the information from the consultation, examination and laboratory results to determine what problems and potential dangers exist and what is causing them, as well as what aspects are strong and working well. You will receive a comprehensive individualized report outlining this and detailing an individualized wellness plan with recommendations for lifestyle improvements, therapies and treatments to address your immediate concerns and long term issues.  People may decide to deal only with their immediate issues but if underlying causes are not addressed then often relapse occurs.

Active Care

When people see that relapses occur when the causes of the problems are not addressed they then decide to seek active care to restore and maintain their health. Therapies are applied in an in depth manner to address the underlying causes of problems.

Optimal Care

As your overall health status improves deeper cleansing and repair therapies can be done to optimize your health making you more resilient when encountering life. Reassessments are done to measure your progress and plan future care to optimize your health status.