April 2016

If “April showers bring May flowers,” what do April snow storms bring? Despite the confusion of winter weather recently, the spring flowers are bravely trying to grow and blossom. Similarly, people are attempting to shed their wintery feelings and are out in the sunshine, when it appears, enthusiasm for the springtime slowly blooming.

In my blog post about moving into the new year of 2016, I discussed how we might find calmness within the chaos of the world. On a personal level, that chaos reveals itself through life’s many confusions and doubts. But if we take the time to become still, these doubts and confusions can make each of us question what it is we want from life, and push every one of us into making the necessary positive changes that we need to live a more real and meaningful life. By doing this, people are sorting out their careers, their relationships, their jobs, their living spaces and their priorities. Their main question is about how to make life less complicated and have more flow, and the answer in many instances is in turning to the acronym KISS, or keep it simple sunshine.

Here are some things people are telling me:

  • I am taking a break from any kind of electronics from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  • I am having more conversation time with my kids.
  • I am taking relaxing baths at least twice a week.
  • I am sorting out one closet or cupboard per week.
  • I am planting herb pots on my balcony this year.

All very simple and affordable endeavours that are bringing more flow and less complication into life.

Setting aside time for yourself, away from your busy schedule, takes planning and I encourage all of you to find at least four days in a row every three months to relax and restore yourself, and to be with the significant people in your life.

Spring is the best time to do body cleansing and there are many simple things to do to help yourself, like drinking adequate healthy water, skin brushing to stimulate the lymph system to drain toxins, eating 4 cups of vegetables per day, and walking 30 minutes per day. For those who want to do more, call and make an appointment to have me advise you on a cleansing and detoxification program for you and your family.

Let the spring season inspire you to make your health and well being your first priority.

Be well.

Dr. Verna Hunt BSc DC ND