March and April 2019 Specials


MCT or Medium Chain Triglyceridesin this oil come from coconut and palm kernal oil. It is an easily absorbed and digested and is more likely to be burned than stored as fat and is treated more like a carbohydrate than a fat. It keeps your energy up and body fat levels down. It helps with the regulation of blood sugar, digestion, fat regulation and has helped with absorption disorders and is great for your lymph system.
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Gammadyn Zinc

Used for a sore throat and in conditions such as adrenal insufficiency, decreased immunity, growth disturbances, impotence, infertility, pituitary disorders and skin disorders such as acne.
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Pro 50 Complete

A probiotic formula for the promotion and maintenance of intestinal health and immunity. This supplement does not require refrigeration.
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A unique, refreshing, and effective body and foot deodorant. It works for both men and women, won’t stain your cloths.
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