September & October 2017 Specials


Footmaxx Orthotics provide superior control and correction for foot and gait abnormalities. They correct and improve the way your feet strike the ground, enhancing your natural movement and helping your feet move more efficiently.
Custom orthotics regular price $450.00 | Sale price $375.00
This is for the orthotics only, shoes and sandals remain regular price. Go online to check out the styles of shoes and sandals available at

Nordic Naturals Berry Multivitamin Chewable

A Multivitamin that is soft and tastes great and is easy to chew and swallow.
Regular price $35.00 | Sale price $29.00

Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Gummies

Soft gum drop full of healthy fish oils, that help skin, hair and brain.
Regular price $35.00 | Sale price $29.00

Lymph Cream

Helps the lymph system drain, great for allergies, colds and flu.
Regular price $23.00 | Sale price $19.50